Our mission is simple, but deeply meaningful.
We hope that merely discovering the origin and meaning of
your given name will bring you a smile that's bigger than life.
By displaying it to the world with a "DigMyName" T-shirt,
we hope to bring you a slight sense of pride.


DigMyName is a T-shirt company
that focuses on the origin and meaning of given names.

When I was young, I asked my mother how she decided on my name.
She told me that she saw it in a newspaper.
I've always remembered that.

Still curious about my name, I wanted to know where it came from and what it meant. Then I wanted to know the same about family members and friends, and every name I came across. That curiosity turned into a hobby for quite a while.

Now that I've learned how the mere knowledge of the origin and meaning of one's given name can bring a smile to many, and even a slight sense of pride for some, it has become my passion.

We search, research, and search your name again to bring you the most accepted and reliable information on the origin and meaning.

Thank you so very much for your patronage.
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